Nyx lipsticks in Frappucino, Fig and Electra

  By now it should be obvious that I frequent the multiply online site to find new sellers of beauty products. I was doing a bit of browsing when I found someone selling Nyx lipsticks. Honestly, I've never heard of them before but at less than P200 for one Nyx round lipstick I decided to give them a try.
  There are several sites that you can get these lipsticks from. One is Digital Traincase. I bought my Frappucino and Fig Nyx round lipsticks from her. Another is Carefree Shopper whom I bought the Nyx  Lips Electra lipstick from.

All 3

All three uncapped
From left to right that's Fig, Electra and Frappucino

  You may notice that Electra has different packaging from Fig and Frappucino. Electra is from the longer wearing line of Nyx simply called Lips.

Swatch 3
Lipstick swatches on my inner arm

Bare lips
Bare lips

Frappucino on my lips
Nyx round lipstick in Frappucino

Fig on my lips
Nyx round lipstick in Fig

Electra on my lips
Nyx lipstick in Electra

  Pardon the ugly lips, I find that the weather has turned my lips dry and crinkly. Frappucino has the most neutral and everyday appropriate color for me while Fig is something to wear when you want to look extra girly.  Electra is a color that should be saved for nights out or special occasions. I think when you want to use Electra you should definitely outline your lips with some lip liner to make sure it doesn't smudge outside your lip line. Don't follow me and try to swipe it on in a hurry. 
  Nyx round lipsticks did not apply very well to my lips and I find that the colors are a bit thin and not full coverage. The Electra lipstick on the other hand is full coverage and after wiping my lipstick off, a nice reddish tint remained on my lips.
  I'm still trying to find an occasion to use Electra since it is a true red color that ahem can be likened to that which ladies of the night wear. The only reason I got it is that my friend V insists that every girl must have a red lipstick. 
  In conclusion, considering the price, Nyx lipsticks are a great way to experiment with colors that are out of your usual comfort zone. I think the formula for the Round lipstick could be better but the Nyx Lips line is something that I would recommend. Best of all, Carefree Shopper accepts Paypal as a form of payment if you're too lazy to go make a bank deposit. Be warned however that there is a transaction fee that she charges on top of product price and delivery.


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