Gram's Diner, Rockwell

The family wanted to meet up last Saturday and I insisted on going to Rockwell since I wanted to visit the Multiply bazaar. My sister then suggested we eat at Gram's Diner since it was more affordable than the other restaurants in the area. I'm pretty glad she did because the food was good and quite easy on the wallet.

Patriotic breakfast - I choose US Beef tapa P175

Mom's Grilled Pork chop P135

  My sister told me that Gram's had her favorite tapa so I had to try it. It is really good and not too sweet or salty. However the tapa is a bit stiff and not as thinly sliced as the tapa in Mr. Jones. I still prefer the tapa in Mr. Jones though hubby has mentioned that he finds it too salty. 
  Hubby opted for the grilled pork chop and he said he liked it. He liked it so much I wasn't able to get a teensy-weeny bite from him to taste it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Fish n' chips P295

  My dad opted for the fish n' chips probably thinking it was the healthier option. However the fish is breaded and deep fried so is not healthy. Include that herbed mayonnaise he kept dipping the fish and fries into and you can tell it is not the healthiest option. I was able to sample some of the fish and it was good. Not too salty or overly crispy. There's just enough crunch when you bite into a fish stick and the mayonnaise complemented it perfectly.

Mickey's minicakes - mini pancakes P65

  My son had eaten at home already before we left for the mall but we love feeding him to get him to taste new food items. Thus, I ordered some mini-pancakes for him. He didn't eat as much of this as I'd liked but it was OK since hubby and I ate the pancakes. These mini-pancakes are so cute but nicely fluffy and quite yummy.
  My other sister ordered this spicy fried shrimp dish. She found it too spicy but hubby and I liked it and finished off her dish. I actually traded some tapa for her shrimp. I wasn't able to take a picture of it though before she dug in since she was at the other end of the table.
  What I appreciate with Gram's Diner is that they made the effort to make sure that my parents, who are senior citizens got their full 20% discount and were exempted from the VAT. It may have taken a while for them to calculate but the result is that our bill was wonderfully affordable with all that we ordered.
  I will probably eat here again if I crave a bit of that American diner experience.


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