5 themes on why Twilight is a girl's fantasy come true

  You may wonder why on earth am I even writing about the Twilight series? I am doing so just to give an opinion not on the vampire phenomenon that is invading pop culture right now but on the underlying themes/fantasies in the movie that every ordinary girl can relate to. 

1. I'm just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world
  Let's face it, for 90% of the high school girls out there they aren't cheerleaders or anything out of the ordinary. You're just an ordinary girl, not especially beautiful or talented. The world is an OK place and you'll probably live your life going on being ordinary. 

  Then of course you meet a guy. You meet... him!

2. From ordinary to one in a million
  Today is just another day until you meet the one. He's not even that extraordinary but somehow he incites your interest. Soon, you find yourself flattered on how he sees you, the ordinary person, as so special to him. Your whole world changes to become something a little bit better because of him. You're in love!

3. The close friend who wants to be something more
  He's a friend. Just a friend. You guys have hung out, talked a lot and just had fun. However something is changing and you don't know if you want anything other than the status quo. Then it happens, slowly but surely you are starting to wonder if it could be more than friendship. 

4. The enemy or girl you just want out of your life
  She makes your life a living hell. You honestly wish she'd just leave you alone. However she is always there in the periphery doing things that annoy you like hell. Oh just go away.

5. You are adored and being fought over
 What's better than having a guy go gaga over you? Having two guys fighting over you!  There's absolutely nothing like being the object of two contesting parties. You didn't ask for it but wow does it give you an ego boost. 

  Thus these 5 themes/fantasies are found not just in Twilight but in other romance novels from Sweet Valley High to Judith McNaught. Personally I found the books only moderately readable because the protagonist was supremely annoying. However, to each his own and feel free to give your own insights in the comments section.


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