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Anthology shoes is giving away a pair of Shanghai shoes!

Get Shanghaied! Anthology shoes is at it again. Tell them how you would wear this pair of size 8 gold Shanghai shoes from them and get a chance to win these shoes!
  I would love to wear these with a pair of shorts for some cool, laid back vibes.

Simple lunch at Chelsea

I just want to say that Chelsea is one of my favorite restaurants right now. I've heard so much about it for some time but until this year, never got to visit the place. Once I did and tried some of their dishes; I was hooked. I've ordered the soup, the pasta, the pizza and even got the cookie dough cheesecake for free thanks to the Enjoy card I had. I just keep coming back for more.
 The restaurant's full name is Chelsea Market Cafe and I  believe they are trying to imitate the ambiance of a New York cafe.

Lots of liquor ready for mixing

Cheese on display

Empty table

  This post will only feature two dishes since the portions are huge in Chelsea. Before you get started however, the waiter will always give you some free bread that was drizzled with olive oil.

Free bread

Hubby opted for water, but I wanted to drink iced tea. I opted for the sugarless iced green tea. This glass is actually big enough to be called a carafe.

Sugarless Iced Green tea P100

  I only ordered the pizz…

Krazy/ Beautiful store contest

I love searching the internet for reviews about products that I'm interested in and one of the local blogger sites that I visit is that of Lizz Buenaventura. She has a contest going on right now where she'll be giving away some Korean products and all you have to do is blog about this contest and tell her which Korean product from the Krazy/ Beautiful store you want to try.
  Personally, I'm very interested in the Tony Moly Milky tint. I would also have said that I was interested in the Tony Moly gel eyeliners but whenever I put eye make-up on it melts on me so quickly due to the my oily lids. So anyway, do check out her store which features some Korean products that aren't available here in the Philippines yet.

Nyx lipsticks in Frappucino, Fig and Electra

By now it should be obvious that I frequent the multiply online site to find new sellers of beauty products. I was doing a bit of browsing when I found someone selling Nyx lipsticks. Honestly, I've never heard of them before but at less than P200 for one Nyx round lipstick I decided to give them a try.   There are several sites that you can get these lipsticks from. One is Digital Traincase. I bought my Frappucino and Fig Nyx round lipsticks from her. Another is Carefree Shopper whom I bought the Nyx  Lips Electra lipstick from.

From left to right that's Fig, Electra and Frappucino

  You may notice that Electra has different packaging from Fig and Frappucino. Electra is from the longer wearing line of Nyx simply called Lips.

Lipstick swatches on my inner arm

Bare lips

Nyx round lipstick in Frappucino

Nyx round lipstick in Fig

Nyx lipstick in Electra

  Pardon the ugly lips, I find that the weather has turned my lips dry and crinkly. Frappucino has the most neutral and everyday appr…

Gram's Diner, Rockwell

The family wanted to meet up last Saturday and I insisted on going to Rockwell since I wanted to visit the Multiply bazaar. My sister then suggested we eat at Gram's Diner since it was more affordable than the other restaurants in the area. I'm pretty glad she did because the food was good and quite easy on the wallet.

Patriotic breakfast - I choose US Beef tapa P175

Mom's Grilled Pork chop P135

  My sister told me that Gram's had her favorite tapa so I had to try it. It is really good and not too sweet or salty. However the tapa is a bit stiff and not as thinly sliced as the tapa in Mr. Jones. I still prefer the tapa in Mr. Jones though hubby has mentioned that he finds it too salty.    Hubby opted for the grilled pork chop and he said he liked it. He liked it so much I wasn't able to get a teensy-weeny bite from him to taste it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Fish n' chips P295

  My dad opted for the fish n' chips probably thinking it was the healthier option. Howev…

Venus and Mars Botanicals CPC+G Whitening Treatment and Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock SPF 35

I'm so happy that I was able to go to the Rockwell Multiply bazaar last Saturday and catch the booth of Venus and Mars Botanicals. I've lurked around the multiply site for quite some time and was really tempted to purchase a lot of their products online. Lucky me that I was able to grab a lot of their products without having to pay for the shipping fees. So here is a list of products that I've heard so much about.

CPC+G, The “IT” Whitening Treatment Php 185 per 20ml jar

  I got a tiny bottle of their CPC+G whitening treatment. This is supposed to be composed of the ultimate whitening essences of Clair Blanche, Papain, Calamansi and Glutathione. I asked Jamie the owner why she was selling the treatment separate since she encourages her customers to mix it with their products. I mean, why not sell the face cream or body lotion already with the whitening treatment in it? She said that it is because they want to sell it separate and some people want to mix it in with their ow…

5 themes on why Twilight is a girl's fantasy come true

You may wonder why on earth am I even writing about the Twilight series? I am doing so just to give an opinion not on the vampire phenomenon that is invading pop culture right now but on the underlying themes/fantasies in the movie that every ordinary girl can relate to. 
1. I'm just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world   Let's face it, for 90% of the high school girls out there they aren't cheerleaders or anything out of the ordinary. You're just an ordinary girl, not especially beautiful or talented. The world is an OK place and you'll probably live your life going on being ordinary. 
  Then of course you meet a guy. You meet... him!
2. From ordinary to one in a million   Today is just another day until you meet the one. He's not even that extraordinary but somehow he incites your interest. Soon, you find yourself flattered on how he sees you, the ordinary person, as so special to him. Your whole world changes to become something a little bit better because of …