Thai at Silk

Wandering around Serendra my family and I were wondering where to have dinner. The usual suspects beckoned to us like Abe, Chelsea and Duo. I wanted to eat at Conti's but it was full and had a long waiting list. My sister in law suggested we try Thai at Silk since hubby and I like exotic food like Indian and Thai. My FIL didn't seem to object and we waltzed right in to their beautiful interiors.

Most of the feedback from my relatives is that it is a good place to have Thai food. We ordered the Tom Yung Kung soup and the Roti for starters. We asked the waiter to send these orders to the kitchen while we choose what other dishes we wanted. For my drink, I ordered the Thai Iced Tea. It was very good and milky.

Thai Iced Tea

Tom Yung Kung soup

I really loved the Tom Yung Kung soup. It's a very spicy and lemongrass flavored soup with prawns in it. This soup had us coughing a bit and asking for water. However the spiciness is not overwhelming and it was offset nicely by the lemongrass component. In fact all of the tastes blended quite well into a soup that is hot, sour, spicy and slightly herbal in nature. This is a must-order dish of any patron of Thai at Silk.


While waiting for our food we had some Roti and the it seemed a tad oily. The accompanying sauce was slightly sweet and went quite well with the Roti.

Curry and Lemongrass spareribs

This dish did not impress me too much.

Chicken in Green Curry

The Chicken in Green Curry is a deceptive looking dish. You would think it wasn't spicy but it was. Pieces of chicken fillet float around in the green curry sauce and I found this dish ok.

Chicken Pandan

The Chicken Pandan dish is another one we ordered. I liked it but I can't honestly say that it is better than other Chicken Pandan dishes elsewhere.

Below is a shot of the interiors of the restaurant at night since we were there during dinner. I must say that it is a very pleasant place to dine in with the interiors so tastefully done.

Hm, it seems that I forgot to take a picture of the grilled Sole in red curry. That was a very good dish because the sole was grilled and seemingly basted with the red curry concoction. Sole itself is a very nice flavored fish and the red curry proved to be an interesting taste to contrast it with.

I'm not sure how much the whole dinner cost thanks to my FIL but I'm sure it was pricey. I can't see myself coming back here for Thai food when AzuThai is an option.


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