Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

I haven't used liquid foundation for the longest time. I remember smearing it on back in High School for school dances or in college if I had to attend a major family event. It didn't really leave me with a good impression because I always felt they were thick and gunky. So for the past few years I've been using pressed powders and most recently mineral make-up. However, I'm not so happy with how long mineral make-up lasts on me in this horrible heat. I can't touch up all the time so I was looking for a good long lasting alternative. According to many sites that I've visited online, the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation is a very good budget make-up to try.

So during my retail therapy last weekend I grabbed a bottle of Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex in Nude for Combination/Oily skin.

One thing I noticed instantly when I was going to apply some make-up is that it is very difficult to get the liquid foundation out of the bottle. I didn't want to spill it at first so I gently tried to pour some out onto my hand. No such luck since the foundation seems to be quite viscous. I got scared that this would be another thick and gunky kind of make-up. I finally was able to get some out and just applied it to my face with my fingers. I had to move quickly since it can get difficult to blend if you wait too long.

After applying the foundation to my face and blending I see that Nude seems to be a good match for my skin tone. The finish doesn't feel that heavy and it really looks like your own skin but better. However, as I was applying it to my face it had a really weird chemical like smell.

Here's a picture of a dab of the foundation on my hand

Here's a picture (no flash) with the foundation blended into the right portion of my hand.

Here's a picture of the blended foundation with the flash on this time

I'm happy to say that this really is long-wearing foundation. I have extremely oily skin. Mineral make-up just can't keep me looking fresh for too long. I set this with my BE mineral veil and the only oily portion after 4 hours was my nose. I checked again after 8 hours and there was some oiliness not just on my nose but the area near the cheeks as well.

I'm very happy with this liquid foundation because my entire face isn't an oil slick at the end of the day. The price is quite reasonable at P825. I may try using a damp sponge (as recommended by others) in applying this foundation. I just have to go look for my sponge :)

The only real problem with this foundation is the container. It is very difficult getting the foundation out of the bottle without resorting to sticking a cotton bud in it. The chemical like smell does go away and doesn't linger after application. You also need to work fast to blend it into your skin.

In conclusion, I will definitely recommend this to those with oily skin and a limited budget.


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