Pepper Lunch, Rockwell

  Confession: I always want to eat at Pepper Lunch but the long line usually turns me and hubby off from doing so. Thus when we saw that there wasn't a line last Saturday we took the opportunity to head straight for the counter and choose a dish to sizzle our way.
  I opted for the Hitokuchi cut steak. I remember ordering this before where I was presented with thin strips but now they were chunky strips.

Hitokuchi cut steak
Hitokuchi cut steak with rice P310

Seaweed shake
Seaweed Shake Salad P99

  Hubby got the Beef Pepper Rice and the Seaweed Shake salad. Good for him that he had something to eat while I waited for like 20 minutes for my order to arrive. I don't remember it taking that long to get your order especially since the cooking is done on your dish's special hot plate. Unfortunately I was eating when hubby's dish arrived and so I did not take a picture of it.
  Once my order did I arrive I promptly made sure to flip the meat over to the uncooked side and swirled the two sauces all over it. I think one of the sauces is supposed to be for the included vegetables but I don't care. After a short waiting time for the sizzling to die down I dug into my food. Ah, yummy steak!
  The thing with eating at Pepper Lunch is that when you leave the place, you still smell like Pepper Lunch! The smell of sizzling beef is quite appetizing at the start but carry it with you as you go shopping in the mall and you know people are going to think "Oh she ate at Pepper Lunch from the way she smells."
  I like Pepper Lunch. I really do. I just think maybe it is a tad expensive for what is probably an upgraded food hall experience. I think it has to do with the ingredients which are top quality definitely. I would still return however since they have a lot of dishes that I haven't tried yet.
  Pepper Lunch Rockwell is located on the Food Court Level near the Jollibee side.


  1. I agree with this: "I just think maybe it is a tad expensive for what is probably an upgraded food hall experience."

    That's why I'm not too crazy about Pepper Lunch.


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