Lunch at Lu, Rockwell

It was my darling sister's birthday last Sunday and we celebrated by her treating us out to lunch at Lu. Lu is a restaurant located in the Joya Building in Rockwell. I've never been to this place before. I think I may have read a blog post or two about it but had never been inclined to go look for it. It was a good thing then that sister wanted to eat here because the food is seriously good!

The restaurant itself is very interestingly decorated. I love the ambiance.



I love the lights they had hanging from the ceiling. Super cool! I couldn't really tell what kind of place it was supposed to be however. I think people refer to it as Mediterranean but I think there's some fusion thrown in there.

M ordered some appetizers which was the dip platter and the spring roll.

Lu's Favorite Dips sampler (Hummus Beirouty, Eggplant Caviar, Pico de Gallo) P300

Spring rolls
Crispy Prawn and Shitake spring rolls P275

Here's a closer look at the texture of each spring roll

I was very impressed with the plating/ presentation of the dip. The whole thing looks very colorful. However I only tried the hummus and found it OK. Did not try the eggplant or the pico de gallo but my family seemed to enjoy it. I did love the Crisply Prawn and Shitake spring rolls. The different textures inside the spring roll once I bit into it exploded in my mouth and was just delicious! This is something I would definitely order again.

We actually also ordered soup, the Lamb Rigatoni, two fish dishes and steak but I was only able to take a picture of the steak. M did the ordering so I'm not so sure what exact fish dishes we ate. I think however that we got the Moroccan Fish and Shrimp Brochettes and the Poached White Flounder on Lemon Risotto. I wasn't able to taste the white flounder but I did taste the Moroccan fish and it was good! The fish has a spicy, peppery coating that complemented the white fish it was on. It did remind me of Indian food but not as spicy. The Lamb Rigatoni was also good and meaty without any adverse taste.

Mexican Steak Frites P675

Here's a closer look

Now this was a smash with the whole family. The steak was cooked perfectly medium and was very tasty. The accompanying french fries was a bit salty but still good. The onion rings was something I kept grabbing. This dish was so good we ordered it again.

Thank you very much M for a fantastic lunch. I think I want to go back here with hubby soon.


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