Leyende No Rumple Silk Skin Butter and Face Canvas

I usually do not need to buy any body moisturizers since I have relatives who think the best thing they can send me are Bath and Bodyworks lotions. However by chance, I haven't received any loot from them in a while and happened to run across a blog talking about Leyende. Intrigued I read her review regarding the No Rumple Silk Skin Butter and wondered if it really was true. Could this yummy scented moisturizing lotion really be non-greasy? I decided to find out.

I ordered my first skin butter in the Fermina variant because I absolutely love the scent of chocolate plus almonds. What happened was a disaster of sorts with regards to shipping because they sent my order to someone else who had the same first name. Ms. Neva however apologized and promised to send my my order right away. I did get my order much later than I expected. This happened two years ago so I'm sure they have a better process now. Last year I got the Norte variant of the skin butter so I will also talk about which of the two scents I like the most.

Leyende No Rumple Silk Skin Butter

Leyende No Rumple Silk Skin Butter

One thing you notice about Leyende is that the packing is very minimalist. Leyende is supposed to encourage a green lifestyle and I believe if you return 6 empty containers you get something free. This minimalist outlook also is reflected in the ingredient list which is supposed to be wholly organic with no parabens or other allergenic substances. Upon opening the container you will immediately get a whiff of the most intoxicating scent of luscious chocolates and almonds for the Fermina variant and coconut and vanilla for the Norte variant.

Leyende No Rumple Silk Skin Butter 2

Dipping your finger to grab a bit of the skin butter and sliding it across your skin starts like any other body butter experience until you notice how absolutely the skin butter melts into your skin. I could feel that my skin was moisturized but the most amazing part is noticing that it really is non-greasy. I have tried numerous lotions and body butters and I usually accepted greasiness as part of moisturizing but this is definitely a different experience.

When I was pregnant I loved slathering the skin butter across my torso and I am proud to say that not only did I not have an itchy belly while pregnant but my stomach has no stretch marks. I also loved the Fermina scent. Personally, I heard that the Norte scent was a best-seller but I don't like it as much. It is quite attractive but the coconut scent reminds me too much of the old sunblocks I used to use as a kid at the beach.

I will definitely purchase this again but in the Fermina scent.

With my good experience with the skin butter I also decided to purchase the Face Canvas which is another best-seller.

Leyende Face Canvass

Leyende Face Canvas

At the last Rockwell Christmas bazaar I went to I purchased a whole Leyende gift pack for my sister since she also has sensitive skin and I wanted her to know that there are local products that are fantastic yet easy on the wallet. I could not resist and grabbed a Face Canvas jar for myself. Face Canvas is a facial moisturizer that is supposed to also be a good primer for your face.

Leyende Face Canvass 2

Swiping some stuff onto my face I noted that it did have a strong smell. Some may attribute this to the ingredients used and not care less but I'm not used to such a strong scent on something I put on my face. The scent is not unpleasant mind you, just quite strong. After applying it to my face I saw that it did moisturized my face and best of all acted like a make-up base. In fact, the texture of my skin after applying this was smooth and supple. It did not leave my face very sticky after it was absorbed. My mineral make-up actually gets applied better after I put Face Canvas.

Unfortunately, this does not have sun block in it. Leyende has a different product for sun block. This product would have been perfect if there was sun block in it already. Thus I have to put some sun block lotion on my face first before I put Face Canvas. If I don't wait for the sun block to be absorbed and put Face Canvas my face ends up quite sticky.

Another thing worth mentioning is that last week I had a horrible cold. Turns out it was the flu. I had a lot of snot and was blowing my nose constantly. I ended up with very chafed skin on and around my nose. The skin was practically peeling! I tried applying facial lotions before when this happened to me and they would sting so much that I gave up. However I decided to try applying Face Canvas and felt instant relief. My poor nose area got the moisture it needed plus no sting at all.

I'm not sure if I'll purchase this again since it has no sun block. However I do like the formulation since my skin is quite sensitive and oily. I'll probably think about it. Maybe if I find a really good everyday sunblock that isn't oily.

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