Kiehl's lip gloss in Pink Rider

  I love lip gloss. Sometimes lipsticks aren't moisturizing enough and you have to prep your lips with some lip balm first before applying. If I use lip gloss I usually can skip the lip balm step. Some lip glosses however are really sticky and just pure shine without a lot of color. Luckily while walking around the mall one day I managed to try the Kiehl's lip gloss in Pink Rider (on my hand). I knew the Kiehl's had a highly touted lip balm and it seems that the same ingredients were used for the lip gloss. Putting a great lip balm and some color together in one product is something many brands try to do and I'm glad to say that Kiehl's succeeded.

Kiehl's lip gloss in in Pink Rider 3
Kiehl's lip gloss in Pink Rider

  The ingredients list sounds fairly yummy with Mango Butter and Grape seed extracts being the first acknowledged. On the lip gloss itself you can read "This non-sticky gloss hydrates lips and restores their suppleness as antioxidants help preserve a healthy appearance." It's a great way of saying not only will your lips look good, but they'll feel good as well.

Kiehl's lip gloss in in Pink Rider 1
Swatch of Pink Rider

  Here's a swatch of the gloss on my hand. You'll notice that it does contain some glitter but this isn't blatant once it is on your lips. Your lips will just appear extra shiny and juicy.

bare lips
Bare lips

using pink rider
Wearing Pink Rider

  Ok, maybe not the best pictures of my lips or of gloss on my lips. Next time I think I will ask hubby to take my picture. He's still amused by my "hobby" of blogging. Anyway, once you apply this gloss on your lips you will definitely smell the Mango Butter. This may turn you off from Kiehl's lip glosses if you do not like having a strongly scented lip gloss. Personally sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. But I sincerely cannot get enough of how moisturized and soft my lips feel after applying this lip gloss. Add to that the nice healthy pop of color and shine my lips get and this gloss never leaves my bag. I take this gloss with me everywhere I go. 


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