Jewelry on my mind

I'm more of a geek than a fashionista but between getting an IPad and getting some jewelry I would rather get the jewelry. Here are some picks from Janina for Jul Dizon Jewelry. All photos taken from the Janina Dizon blog.

First of all, diamonds are a girl's best friend. So trust me when I say once you have these earrings you'll be set for life. These beautiful earrings can easily be worn with a T-shirt and jeans to up a casual look or with a ball gown for simple glamor. Notice that the edges of the earring have paved diamonds on them as well.

If you think diamonds aren't colorful enough then take a look at the citrine and pink sapphire earrings below. They're super cute and I just want to drag my hubby to the Peninsula to find out how much they are at Janina's shop.

Going with the colorful theme is the pair of paved pink sapphire earrings with diamonds on them below. Another pair that exudes quiet elegance.

I think the whole shagreen/stingray bangle with slider originated from Janina Dizon. Below you'll see some Lotus sliders made of sapphires and mother of pearl that are meant to be worn with her shagreen cuffs.

Lastly, if you're attending the Oscars or some other high society event; get all eyes on you with this multicolored necklace of various semi-precious stones. This would look amazing set against a plain black or plain white shift dress. You wouldn't even need to wear earrings or rings anymore once you put this on.


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