Human Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Facial Wash and Toner

I love Human Nature. They're cheap, organic and the products work. As soon as my shampoo and conditioner were half empty I decided to order for more. However I decided to add the Tomato and Lemongrass facial wash and toner to my order. I've heard raves about these products but I've also heard that the scent is not too nice.

Human Nature Tomato and Lemongrass facial wash

  I don't know about you but I usually hold my breath when I wash my face. Thus, I usually don't smell the scent of my facial wash until after I've rinsed it off. In this case, I did take a closer look at the fluid in my hand and it did have a rather strange scent. It was a very herbal kind of scent and was mostly not pleasant. However the scent does not linger and you won't smell it on your face after rinsing. The lather this facial wash produces is also minimal. It gives you the idea that yes it is there on your face rinsing the dirt and grime away but not overly bubbly.

Human Nature Tomato and Lemongrass toner

  I apply the toner after I wash my face. In the mornings I do this after I  blow dry my hair and in the evenings before I apply my night serum. It also has that not too pleasant herbal scent like the facial wash. However, the toner itself does not sting and the scent doesn't linger for long.
  These products are supposed to be for oily, acne prone skin. To quote the website,

"Tomatoes are packed with vitamins C & E, antioxidants and lycopene to brighten your skin tone. Meanwhile Lemongrass helps control oil for a fresher and more even complexion. Now you can keep the oil in check without drying your face!"

  I find this claim to be true. My skin would end up accumulating dead skin if I just stuck to Cetaphil while some exfoliating facial washes would be too harsh on my skin giving it dry patches. After using the facial wash and toner for the past two weeks my skin has really improved. My pores aren't as noticeable as before and my skin is definitely clearer. Best of all, each product is less than P100!
  I would recommend this to gals (or guys) with oily and sensitive skin. Each Human Nature product is 100% no harmful chemicals and is produced locally here in the Philippines. Just visit the Human Nature web site if you're interested in buying online like me.


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