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Ok, confession time; I have been having scalp issues namely itchiness and flakes. I've tried other shampoos but they haven't helped at all. I decided to research on the possible causes and cures of my condition and found out that it might be because of the chemicals or residue from the shampoos that I've been using. I've heard good things about Leyende shampoo but decided to try Human Nature products.

I've heard about this batch of products for some time as it is an offshoot of Gawad Kalinga. I was very interested because it is locally made, it was made with organic ingredients and it is quite affordable. I decided to order the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and hand santizer online. Due to the fast transaction, the distributor even gave me the moisturizing massage oil as a freebie.

Human Nature Nourishing Shampoo

I got the Aloe Vera and Lemongrass variant as I happen to like the scent of lemongrass. It is almost P100 for a 200ML bottle and the packaging is simple but colorful. So far, I've been using it for a week and the itchiness and flakes have definitely decreased. I'm hopeful that in time the flakes will disappear entirely. The scent when you lather up your hair is quite nice and refreshing. My hair feels drier though and not as smooth as when I used my Elseve shampoo.

Human Heart Nature Organic Conditioner

Since I got a shampoo I decided to go all out and get the conditioner as well. I opted for the Peppermint and Mango Butter variant. It gives a nice tingling sensation when you apply it to your hair and the scent is heavenly. I've been using it for a week so far as well and it doesn't leave my hair as tangle free as I'd like.

Human Nature Organic Massage Oil

This was a freebie and not something I would have ordered at all. We utilize a home massage service and the therapists usually bring their own massage oils. However since this was free I used it the first chance I got. The lemongrass scent of the variant I got is very strong. Whether you like that or not depends on how you like your scented oils. I happen to like the scent and it felt quite luxurious. The oil was smooth enough to allow the massage therapist to massage my body without too much friction but still wasn't too oily to leave me feeling like I was fried chicken. Definitely something I'll order again either for myself or my family.

The last item I tried and am using right now is the Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer. My family knows me as the suki of all alcogels and I must never be caught with germy hands. However I do get a bit concerned about the chemicals I put on my hands frequently. I decided to try this as an alternative to the more commercial alcogels. The scent I have right now is the strawberry one and it is very nice. It seems to be sanitizing my hands but I do notice a somewhat sticky residue right after. Something that I'll definitely repurchase as well.

I haven't used the Mango butter hair mask yet. I'm finishing up the L'Oreal one my tita gave me first. I'll probably add it to this post as soon as I do.

All pictures taken from the Human Nature website.


  1. Hi,

    I'm currently using their hair mask and it is sooo good! :)


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