The Face Shop Sake body scrub

  I actually already had a body scrub but even in our small condo I just couldn't find it. It must have gotten stashed somewhere when we moved in. I also haven't been able to buy a new loofah and refuse to use one that is ragged already. I was already feeling a bit uncomfortable not being able to exfoliate dead skin cells and was desperate for a body scrub. Thus while walking down Bonifacio High Street I entered the Face Shop store like I always did but this time I had my eye out for a body scrub.
  They actually had two body scrubs, one was an avocado based scrub I think and the other was the Sake body scrub. The Sake body scrub interested me more because it is supposed to be gel based. How interesting is that? Most body scrubs are usually just suspended micro-beads or crushed seeds. Sure enough my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased the Sake Clarifying Gel Body Scrub.

The Face Shop Sake scrub 1
The Face Shop Sake Clarifying Gel Body Scrub

The Face Shop Sake scrub 5
Notice the texture

  Compared to the other scrubs I've used, the density of the number of beads in the scrub is less. This translates it to not being as scratchy/exfoliating as other scrubs but it is gentler. In fact I think there are gel beads in this as well that sort of melt as you apply the scrub. It still exfoliates but in a very gentle way. I believe that the Face Shop says that this is a scrub that you can use every day. Last but not the least is the lovely smell of the scrub. I really like the scent it leaves on my body after I use it. Makes me want to go check what other products are in the Sake line of the Face Shop. Grab this for around P560.


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