Dinner at Peking Garden Trinoma

  I am not sure if I've eaten at Peking Garden before for a family occasion because I honestly don't remember. I did contemplate celebrating my birthday at Peking Garden Greenbelt but one glance at their menu and the prices of the dishes had me rethinking my options. It's a good thing then that last Sunday my own mother suggested we eat at Peking Garden Trinoma.

Entrance to Peking Garden Trinoma

  Peking Garden Trinoma is located at the upper open level. There are many restaurants here like Abe and Kimpura while a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is right next door.We would park on the same level as the Bench Fix Salon then take the escalator up and exit near the Power books. You'll see the Peking Garden sign straight ahead.

Waiting area


  While waiting for our orders to arrive they gave us a two mini-plates of kropek. Of course my family asked for another mini-plate once we ate what was on the two plates. I also ordered a soup and pork dumpling dish since they didn't have siomai.

Crispy kropek?

Soup and Pork steamed dumpling P150

  This dish it turns out is called soup and pork because there is some soup inside the dumpling. So be very careful as you take that first bite as the soup will spurt out. The dumpling is quite good with the skin not falling apart yet not too thick as to be resistant to biting. The filling inside is quite tasty as well.
  My mom let me order so I got a beef dish, a squid dish and pork dish plus of course rice. I ordered the Sliced Beef with Broccoli in Oyster sauce and the beef was so tender! It was very tasty and so soft. The Sweet and Sour Pork was also very good. I swear someone better tell me how they can get their sweet and sour sauce that way. Please give me the recipe! The tangy sauce coating the crispy pork that is tender inside was a sure winner in our family.

Sliced Beef with Broccoli

Sweet and Sour Pork

  No meal would be complete without some fried rice so we got the Peking Garden fried rice which is actually the Yangchow fried rice of other restaurants. Hubby pronounced this the best Yangchow fried rice he's ever tasted because he never got tired of the taste (hindi nagsuya). The case you see with other restaurants is that you stop eating the rice because you get dizzy from the added MSG. Notice also that the shrimp in the rice is noticeably bigger than the shrimp in other restaurants' fried rice.

Bowl of Peking Garden rice aka Yangchow Fried rice

Peppercorn Fried Squid

  Of course no visit to a Chinese restaurant will be the same without me ordering my favorite dish of fried peppered squid. However in this case though the squid had good texture, firm but not too tough to bite. It had the unexpected taste of being a tad sweet. Is this because the dish is called "Peppercorn Fried Squid" and not the usual "Spiced Salty Squid?" This is still a yummy dish for me though I prefer one that has a spicier not sweet taste to it.
  Overall, Peking Garden is on the upper end of Chinese restaurants and the prices on their menu reflects this. The dishes I ordered were the Medium sized ones at almost P500 a dish. However if you notice in the pictures, the servings are not that large. Compare how large the serving spoon and fork look against the serving plates and the food. I would have said that in other restaurants these would be the Small serving size. However this is a high quality restaurant and the food is good. so the prices reflect this I would definitely go back for more of those soup and pork dumplings and maybe see if I can try their famous Peking duck.


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