Cuillere, Serendra

  Yesterday was Father's day and we met up with hubby's family to celebrate it. Serendra and the Bonifacio Highstreet area is the most convenient place to meet them so we walked a bit in that area trying to find a restaurant that wasn't filled to the brim. It was quite crowded in Serendra and I attribute this mostly to it being Father's day.
  It was a good thing then that while walking we passed by a seemingly empty Cuillere. We were lucky enough to get a table as walk-ins even though the rest of the tables already were reserved.

The place is done in a style that should be reminiscent of a French bistro. Cute chandeliers hanging from the wall. Some old world red and pale gold color palette and touches of wood.The ambiance exudes classic French chic.



Sorry about the flash but the place is done in dim lighting during the evening. Notice the red  leather upholstered chairs. Still continuing with the French cafe ambiance.


  Cuillere, from what I've read, is the restaurant of the same family who produces the Arce brand of ice-cream. This family is the original producer of Selecta ice-cream in fact. They sold the brand name and the company to the current Selecta group along with signing a non-compete. The non-compete meant that they couldn't go into the ice-cream business for x number of years. However when that contract ended, they entered it again with Arce ice-cream.
  Now they've had this restaurant for some time and I have in fact eaten here before. I remembered that the French Onion soup was very good so I ordered that at once while thinking about what to get for my main course.
  Before you get any order however, they give you some nice herbed butter and a really good freshly baked piece of bread to nosh on while waiting.

Herb butter

Free bread

  Can I just say again that the bread is really good? The outside is very hard and is actually crunchy once you break into it. The inside is soft bread in total contrast to the outer shell. Put some herb butter on it and watch the butter melt into a yellow liquid that oozes into every crevice of that soft bread. This totally set off alarm bells in my head since I'm trying to resist carbs.


French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup P225

 Oh French Onion Soup. We may have gotten off to a bad start since I'm not into vegetables but once I tried you, I had to keep on finding the best version of you in every restaurant I eat in. If you asked me before I ate in Chelsea where the best French Onion soup could be had;  I would have said that Cuillere had the best. It is still near the top of my list as one of the best French Onion Soups around.
   Look at the presentation! Goblet like shaped bowl topped off with melted Gruyere cheese. Bits of croutons in a beefy broth with caramelized onions. Heaven! This is a fantastic soup to have when it is raining outside.

Lengua with mashed potatoes
Lengua with Mashed Potatoes P395

  I settled on trying a dish I haven't tried before here: the Lengua with Mashed Potatoes. These two dishes are usually something that families cook for gatherings but it is not that easy to get right. Some lengua dishes aren't that soft  or still have some unpleasant texture. Others have a watered down sauce. This lengua dish was practically melt in your mouth. It was that soft! It was so good that I instantly offered some to hubby and the expression on his face confirmed that he would wait for me to ask him to finish my food later. This dish can be shared with another person since that little bowl was filled with lengua pieces. My only issue is that I prefer a red wine based lengua not a cream of mushroom based one.
  The mashed potatoes was also very good. The flavor is not too buttery or creamy. However I did have some initial concern it might not taste good since the texture was very loose and almost watery. Good thing my concern on texture had no impact on the yumminess of this mashed potato dish.
  That's all I ate. I do however have pictures of the rest of the dishes my companions ordered and they do look quite appetizing as well.

Callos with steamed rice P395

Chorizo pasta
Chorizo Arrabiata P295

Baked Dory
Baked Dory

Ratatouille side dish that accompanied the Baked Dory

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Overall, it is quite pricey to eat here with some of the main dishes going up to P400 but the quality is good and the portions are big enough to share. Cuillere is located in the Serendra Piazza, the Fort.


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