Brasserie Boheme by the Gustavian

In a newly renovated building in Salcedo Village sits a lovely restaurant named Brasserie Boheme. It is a few steps away from Jaime Velasquez park where the weekly Saturday Salcedo market makes its appearance. I've actually been to this place twice not counting the times when hubby and I could not get a table. On a Friday, the place will fill up fast with families or friends settling in for a gourmet dinner and wine.

The first time I ate at Brasserie Boheme with hubby we opted for the set menu where you can choose your salad or soup, plus a main course and dessert. This is actually an option that is very good value. Previously the set menu was P390 but last night they increased this to P430++ excluding the service charge. Last night I opted to get mushroom soup, the seafood pie and the mango crepe. Please forgive the following pictures as they were taken with a Nokia 5880 in dim light.

Mushroom soup

I always make it a point to order either the mushroom soup or French Onion soup whenever I dine out. The mushroom soup at Brasserie Boheme is a bit watery with what looks like the pureed mushroom floating in a mushroom broth with herbs. I let the croûtons soak into the soup before trying to eat them as they are quite hard. The waitress diligently asked if I'd like some freshly milled pepper and I said yes. Overall the taste is not exciting but is passable. Keep in mind that this is still part of the set menu that I ordered.

Seafood Pie

I tried a beef dish in my first visit so I decided to try a new dish last night. The description of the Seafood Pie in the menu is that of shrimp and sole fillet under a mashed potato layer. The description is apt however I believe that shrimp on top of the mashed potato is probably the only shrimp in that dish. It was the only one visible to me anyway. I also tried examining every piece that I placed into my mouth and I'm pretty sure most of them was sole fillet. The cream sauce rested at the bottom of the dish where the sole pieces were and some herbs were soaked in.

This is a light dish in contrast to expectations that anything cream based would end up heavy. I think the description on the menu also mentioned a touch of dill which was very slight. I did squeeze the lemon wedge all over the dish after the first taste left me feeling it was bland. The lemon does add some zest but not much. This dish didn't do much for me. I tasted hubby's Chicken Roulade and immediately became envious. His dish was much better than mine. Perhaps I should have ordered the Beef Bourguignon like I did the first time I ate here.

Mango Crepe

The waitress offered us a choice of cakes or brownies for dessert. However I much preferred getting a fruit crepe since I read in a review somewhere that the cakes weren't so good. The Mango Crepe itself if very simple with a dollop of cream at the side. I actually like it very much with the sweetness of the cream contrasting with a bit of sourness from the mangoes.

Make no mistake, although I was not moved to rave reviews from the food I had last night the set menu from Brasserie Boheme is still a good deal. I think the Seafood Pie is a new addition to the set menu since I don't remember it from the previous time I was there. Most probably, they are constantly modifying their menu based on the best sellers. I would definitely eat there again.


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