Bags on my mind

After my last post on jewelry, I got to thinking what about if I had the dough to purchase some designer bags? These are definitely some of the bags that I would love to have.

Balenciaga City M in Pomegranate (image from Balenciaga site)

I love the way this bag balances tough and chic in one solid package! Some people collect Balenciaga bags like other people collect Havianas. Balenciaga has been known to come out with limited edition colors that people search for. Personally, the red hue of this bag is just something I'd love to carry around.

YSL Muse in Cognac (image taken from YSL site)

The Muse is a classic already with several version from oversized to exotic skins. This brownish version in leather is just enough to stand out in the crowd without screaming designer bag.

Chloe Paraty (image from Net a Porter site)

The Chloe Paddington was an IT bag many years ago. Chloe tries to replicate that sort of image with the Paraty. The shape of the bag is certainly unique and able to stand out among the sea of rectangle bags. This also comes in exotic skins but I like the way the leather looks so soft in this version.

Bottega Venneta Intrecciato (image from Net a Porter site)

I've heard that the most luxurious brand right now is Bottega Venneta. Once you touch one of their leather bags you'll immediate see the reason why. The leather is really soft and you wonder how they managed to make woven leather look so smooth. Hubby once asked if I wanted him to purchase the pink version of this bag when we were in the store with my friend but I declined. I just can't justify a PhP 100k purchase even if it does look divine. I couldn't find an image of the pink version so I decided that posting the black one will do.

I would have loved to post a picture of the Tod's G bag as well but I can't find the picture that I want. Oh well. Most of these bags are close to PhP75k to over PhP100k a pop here and definitely out of most people's budgets. If however you can find the budget for your lust object then you can probably drop by Greenbelt 4/5 to grab one for yourself. Another option is to go secondhand and the one I've heard the most of is Tresor. You can find them in the Dona Consolacion bldg on Jupiter street I think.


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