Anthology Shoes: Pick a Neon contest

I'm a sucker for comfy and stylish shoes. I used to go to a million shops just to find ballet flats that were easy on my feet but still cute. However some of these shoes just wear away in time. I really wanted some ballet flats that were very fashionable and sturdy, made of good materials. I found my match in the Anthology Capri banana ballet flats. I absolutely love them to death. If I could wear them every day I would.

Turns out that Anthology has a website where you can order your favorite Anthology shoes online. Even better is that they have a promo going on right now where they are showing off their latest neon colored flats and you can get a chance to win a pair for yourself.

So go visit the Anthology website right now, pick a color of neon flats and tell them why you deserve it.


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